Career academies are small, personalized learning communities within a high school that select a subset of students and teachers. Students enter the academy through a voluntary process; they must apply and be accepted with parental knowledge and support.

A career academy involves teachers from different subjects working together as a team. Staff teams, who often share common planning time, work together to implement the key features of the academy and provide students with training in the career field. Students may be grouped together for several periods every day with a core group of teachers. This promotes a family-like atmosphere and results in close student-teacher ties.

For more information, admission requirements, a current list of all career academies or to apply online, please visit the official career academy website at

Academy of Automotive Technology

Lead Teacher: Alan Darr Phone: (863) 499-2215 Fax: (863) 499-2766

1100 Red Devil Way, Lakeland, Fl 33815

Areas of Interest: Automotive


Academy of Natural Resources

Lead Teacher: Keitha Hall Phone: (863) 499-2215 Fax: (863) 499-2766

1100 Red Devil Way, Lakeland, Fl 33815

Areas of Interest: Agriscience


Agriculture courses provide students with skills for the workplace in many different areas; including agricultural communications, agriculture mechanics, aquaculture, animal science, forestry and horticulture. Students will understand that leadership, teamwork and responsibility are all components to success. Students learn from hands-on activities, work in the classroom and also through the largest student run organization in the world, the FFA.

Central Florida Aerospace Academy

Lead Teacher: Keith Smith Phone: (863) 413-3620 Fax: (863) 647-4764

4141 Medulla Road Lakeland, Fl 33811

Areas of Interest: Aeronautics, Engineering


The Central Florida Aerospace Academy exists to provide a meaningful and content rich education that will inspire and motivate students at all levels. Students are challenged to reach high levels of achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in preparation for high-tech careers in the fields of aviation and aerospace. The academy will respond to the needs of industry by placing emphasis on teamwork, individual achievement, skill development, creativity, and innovation, as well as critical thinking. As students are prepared to be productive and responsible members of the workforce, the academy will instill in them an appreciation for professionalism, ethical behavior, and an awareness of global opportunities, while developing self-worth, high expectations, and a great respect among a diverse population of students and staff. Students attend high school every day at the Lakeland Regional Airport and yet have access to all of the benefits of high school (sports, clubs, etc.).

Criminal Justice, Law and Career Academy

Lead Teacher: Stephen Baggett Phone: (863) 499-2655 Fax: (863) 499-2726

1100 Red Devil Way Lakeland, FL 33815

Areas of Interest: Criminal Justice, Legal


The Criminal Justice, Law and Career Academy will provide students with a broad base of courses not typically offered in high school. This is an opportunity for in-depth experience and study in specific areas of interest. Students will explore academic and career information in corrections, courts, law enforcement, emergency management, forensic science and juvenile justice. Additionally, students will have the opportunity for studies in pre-law and other law-related fields, e.g. Mock Trial Team and Police Explorers Program. Students will take academic and occupational courses within a career theme and at the same time begin to develop individual career aspirations. By the senior year, students will be prepared for post-secondary education and/or a career.


Lead Teacher: Malinda Pough Phone: (863) 499-2215 Fax: (863) 499-2766

1100 Red Devil Way Lakeland, FL 33815

Areas of Interest: Distribution/Supply Chain Management, Business


Distrotek is a career academy located at Kathleen High School and sponsored by Rooms-To-Go. The program inspires students to seek positions in Management and Supervision. Rooms-To-Go is part of the warehousing & distribution industry which occupies over 22 million square feet of space in Polk County and is one of the county’s fastest growing industries. Distrotek is a step toward meeting the industry’s need for well-focused, well-qualified and well-trained supervisors and managers. Distrotek students will be challenged to reach high levels of achievement in English, writing, business computing, science and math. Students will also take a solid core of Business Management and Supervision courses which will introduce students to the activities in a distribution center and train them to build and maintain effective relationships, implement effective recycling techniques, maintain quality and safety standards, manage employees in a warehouse, set successful goals, and enforce policy.

Sports Medicine Academy

Lead Teacher: Amy Lowery Phone: (863) 499-2655 Fax: (863) 499-2726

1100 Red Devil Way Lakeland, FL 33815

Areas of Interest: Medical


Athletic Training

Students will study the field of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, and will function as student assistant trainers working with interscholastic athletics. Coursework will provide a basic foundation in athletic training that will prepare students for entry into college athletic training programs.

Strength & Conditioning

Students will study the field of strength and conditioning. They will learn nutrition for athletes, how to design appropriate workouts for specific purposes, physiology and biomechanics of strength training, and strength coaching techniques. Not only will the students learn in the classroom about the professions of personal training, physical education, and strength and conditioning specialists, but our students will also have the opportunity to shadow and intern with different professionals with in the community.

Sports Management

Students will study the principles of sports management including: marketing, budgeting, sports law, and administrative principles. Coursework will provide a basic foundation to enable the students to understand the workings of the entire sports industry.

Sports Medicine