Main Campus Dress Code Policy 2019-2020:

Dress code will be checked each day during 2nd period.  If a student is out of dress code compliance, the teacher will call the office to have the student removed from class.  The administrator assigned to that building will escort the student to the discipline office.  Student can receive change of clothes from our clothes closet, or they can call home for a change of clothes.  If no correction can be made, the student will go to the choice room for the remainder of the school day.  Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders.


1st Offense:  Student will be given a warning and allowed to change clothing.   If no change of clothes is provided, the student will spend the day in Choice Room.  While in the choice room, students will complete FSA assignments along with achieve 3000.

2nd Offense:  Student will be given a chance to correct behavior, and a work detail will be given to the student.

Third Offense:  1 day ISS

Fourth Offense: 2 days ISS

Fifth Offense:  1 day OSS

Examples of possible violations:

  • School ID badge must be worn at all times
  • Underwear showing (both male and female)
  • Sagging pants- pants are to be worn at the waist
  • Bare midriffs- front of shirts and blouses must extend beyond belt level in the front and back
  • Ripped tops and pants (no holes in jeans)
  • Tube or strapless tops
  • All shirts must have sleeves ( No A-shirts)
  • Halter tops
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Backless tops
  • Anything that reference to sex, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons on clothing
  • No pajama pants or (house) slippers
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts that are too short are not allowed. Shorts have to be midthigh
  • Skirts that are too short are not allowed. Skirts have to be midthigh
  • Students are allowed to wear hoodies but not the hood EXCEPT when the weather is below 40 degrees.
  • No Leggings or yoga pants without a shirt that is long enough to cover the torso.
  • Bandannas, headbands, sweatbands, du-rags, wave caps and hair nets are not allowed
  • Hats can be worn, but the teacher may request that the hat be removed in the classroom.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewelry, buttons, haircuts, or other items that are offensive, suggestive, indecent or disruptive to the educational process (i.e., clothing associated with gangs, drugs, sex, alcohol, tobacco products, or violence or those which support discrimination on the basis of age, color, handicap, national origin, marital status, race, religion, sex, or sexual connotation are not permitted.)
  • Shorts that are considered spandex shorts, traditional running shorts, see-through shorts, and short shorts are not allowed.