Guidance Department

Guidance Counselors are available school days from 6:45 am until 2:30 pm.

Kimberly Sprouse

Kimberly Sprouse

CFAA School Counselor, School Counselor Chair, School Counselor for last names starting with A; main campus

Mia Davis

Mia Davis

School Counselor for last name Le - Ri; Main Campus

Cornell Kirkendoll

ESE Facilititator

Avis Douglas

Avis Douglas

School Counselor for last name B to E; Main Campus

Dione Facey-Poitier

Dione Facey-Poitier

School Counselor for last name Ro - Z; Main Campus

Dee Axson

Dee Axson

School Counselor for last name F to La; Main Campus

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams

Student Success Coach

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General Information

Transitioning to High School

High School presents students with a variety of new opportunities and challenges. High schools are usually larger in size and students often find that the coursework is more difficult. High school students also find that they are expected to be more independent, more focused, and more responsible.

For the first time, students are taking courses that earn credits towards graduation. The grades they earn in their courses are also more important. High school grades will help determine the kinds of jobs they can get and the colleges they will be able to get into.

Most students feel excited and a little apprehensive as they start high school. Student’s will wonder if they will fit in, if they will like their teachers, and if they will be able to succeed in the courses they are taking. During this transition period it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Talk with your children and listen to what they say.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes will only be made if the student’s schedule contains a course that they have already passed, pre-requisites have not been met, to meet a graduation requirement, or if the student has a missing class period on their schedule. Students can receive a Schedule Change Request Form from their first period teacher or the Main Office, if they meet the listed criteria. There will be no schedule changes made without the approval of the student’s guidance counselor.

Contacting a Teacher

If you would like to contact a teacher, you may email them using the staff directory or call them at (863) 499-2655 after 1:40 pm.

Meeting Graduation Requirements

Guidance Counselors make every effort to monitor students’ graduation status and requirements. The graduation requirements for each student depend on the year they entered the ninth grade. It is the student and parent’s responsibility to make sure all requirements are met. Parents and students can track and view their progress online from any computer using the Parent Portal or Student Portal. Kathleen High School also hosts a Graduation Progress Parent Night to educate parents on requirements, scholarships, and career opportunities. Parents and Students may also schedule a conference whenever necessary through the Main Office.

Speaking with a Guidance Counselor

If students wish to speak their Guidance Counselor, they may go down to the main office and fill out a request form. If parents wish to speak their student’s guidance counselor, they can email the guidance counselor or call and leave a message with a secretary.

Scheduling a Conference

Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for parents to both give and receive information. If a parent wishes to schedule a conference with their student’s teachers, they can contact their student’s assigned guidance counselor. Due to teaching schedules, conferences with teachers must be scheduled Monday through Friday, after 2:00 pm.