Senior To Do List

Seniors To Do : Month by Month


  • For each college in which you plan to apply: VISIT THEIR WEBSITE! Then make an individual file for
    each college that includes special requirements, application deadlines, financial aid information, etc.
  • Check priority deadlines for admission (some are as early as October).
  • Create a master calendar that includes testing dates, application deadlines, and other important senior
    activities and events.
  • Update your resume to help you in completing applications and those writing recommendations for you.
  • Register for or retake the SAT, ACT, and SAT II, as necessary. Most college applications require test
    scores. Take them early in fall in case you need to retake them. Make sure our high school code
    (100894) is on the application.
  • Check with the GJHS website for the fall visiting schedule of college reps and the date for the fall college
    fair. Attend the local College Fair Night.
  • Ask appropriate teachers if they would write recommendations for you (don’t forget to write a thank you
    letter). Always allow a minimum of a two week notice.
  • Review your Bright Futures status on
  • Look for scholarships online at and the GJHS website for the monthly scholarship
    bulletin and other ‘Resources on the Web’.


  • Don’t be late! Keep track of all deadlines for transcripts, recommendations, etc!!!!
  • Check your online college applications to ensure all portions are complete.
  • Be sure that you request from or that your ACT and SAT scores be sent to
    your colleges of choice. Retake tests as necessary.
  • When essays are optional, always submit one. Write first drafts and ask teachers to read them.
    Proofread rigorously for mistakes.
  • Submit each application. Watch deadlines!
  • Request transcripts in the Guidance Office. In the ‘Transcript’ binder on the front counter, write where
    you would like your transcripts sent.
  • If a Secondary School Report is required on your college application, bring your counselor the necessary
    forms at least two weeks prior to the college deadlines. Provide a copy of your resume and self
    assessment (available in the Guidance Office) when requesting a recommendation.
  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you on track for graduation and check your Bright Futures status.
    Our KHS counselors start individual senior conferences in mid October.


  • Continue to submit college applications to your selected colleges.
  • Check the status of each of your online applications to ensure you are not missing any requirements.
  • Take advantage of the resources for scholarship searches. Watch deadlines and apply!
  • Enjoy your week off!


  • Starting December 1st, apply for the Bright Future Scholarship Program and all other Florida financial aid
    programs online at Keep your PIN so you can continue to check
    your status on their website.
  • Enjoy your Winter Break!


  • Happy New Year!
  • Prepare and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at as
    soon as possible after January 1. The sooner you apply for financial aid, the better your chances.
  • Parents should file income tax returns early. Some colleges and FASFA need copies of your family’s
    returns before finalizing financial aid offers.
  • Continue searching for scholarships. Check with your prospective colleges about additional financial aid.
  • Be sure your midyear report is sent to the colleges to which you’ve applied (if necessary).


  • Let your colleges know about any new honors or accomplishments that were not on your original application if you have not received an admission decision.
  • Update your FAFSA with your completed tax return information if necessary.
  • After FASFA is complete, you will receive a SAR (Student Aid Report). Review carefully for accuracy.
  • Report any scholarships received to the Guidance Office.


  • Wait listed? If you will enroll if accepted, tell the admissions director of your intent and ask how to
    strengthen your application. Need financial aid? Ask whether funds will be available if you’re accepted.
  • Continue applying for scholarships.
  • Confirm dates of any AP exams you will be taking.
  • Have a great, memorable, and safe Spring Break!


  • Review college acceptances and compare the financial aid offers you receive. Note all reply deadlines.
  • Notify your college of choice that you accept its offer and send a deposit before deadline (usually May 1).
  • Send your deposit to one college only. Notify all other colleges of your choice to decline their offers.
  • Watch for important deadlines at your chosen college (housing, orientation, etc) and details of financial
    aid offers.


  • Take AP tests.
  • Complete exit form to have final transcripts sent to your chosen college. Be prepared to report all
    scholarship money received.
  • Send thank-you notes to scholarship programs that have given you aid.
  • Graduate! Congratulations and best of luck!